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With the Covid19 pandemic and economic circumstances, Kevin decided to give away his best selling audio program "The Third Decision," a motivational and inspirational audio program that will ignite your creativity and drive to reach the things in life that you desire.

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How far and how fast do you want to go? The fastest way from point A to point B is to find someone who has been there, done that, and is still doing it. Kevin coaches one-on-one on a variety of topics for clients across the globe. Different packages are available to meet with him in person, for him to fly to meet where you are, or to meet over the phone or Zoom.

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Ready to rock your group and drive them to new heights? Kevin is the ideal speaker for your next event. Kevin has delivered 600+ keynotes to audiences all over, from small groups at board meetings, to arenas of over 14,000. He can speak on a variety of subjects and topics, including but not limited to philosophy, personal development, professional development, starting or scaling a business, sales training, motivation, keynote training, mindset, entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Christianity. Every event is unique, including yours. Contact us for a quote.

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Kevin is often featured in magazines, articles, radio, podcasts, guest posts, and more.

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